Story Consulting / Dramaturgy: I have worked for many years as a story consultant and dramaturge for nonfiction films in places as diverse as Kosovo, Syria, Iran, Germany, Macedonia, US, UK, and Scotland. In particular, I have helped many first-time filmmakers work through their creative process. I have been on many funding selection panels and film juries and I can quickly discern where your film stands, what you should aim for, and where you could go.

I provide critical and forthright feedback on trailers, sample reels, treatments, funding applications, budgets, and other materials.
I can assist with writing applications, synopses, query letters, etc.
I can assist with festival connections and help design a viable festival strategy.
I can give extensive rough- and fine-cut feedback, both written and verbal.

Language Editor: I am an English-language text editor for a number of publications, most recently: DOX Magazine; Let Us Start From the Middle, catalogue for Effi & Amir, an exhibition at Tirana Art Lab, 2014; the DOX BOX Association, among others. I specialize in catalogue work for artists, festivals and pitching forums.

Please contact me for queries, rates, and further information. I charge hourly, daily, weekly, by word count, or on a case-by-case basis depending on your needs, deadlines, and budget. I am quite flexible with fee negotiations, but I do charge for viewing rough cuts and/or finished films, and any other service you might require.