VATËR | ATDHEU (HEARTH | HOMELAND), an experimental feature – directed by Pamela Cohn

In production; looking for co-producers, finishing funds, editor

Hearth | Homeland is a composite portrait of several male storytellers residing in the countries of Albania and Kosovo. They speak to one another in performed vignettes based on stories from their lives. Daily dramas play out in variations of lie, fiction, error, ambiguity and silence, a communal speech that is simultaneous, overlapping, and immediate. The words of the dead are re-told by the living; stories from the past are re-framed in the present; and, words, song and imagery bear within themselves the possibility of memory – what an individual is given to remember, and what he feels the emotional need and imperative to share.

Contact me for a sample.


PEOPLE FROM NOWHERE – directed by Jaak Kilmi

Still in Motion – US co-producer
In production – US, Latvia, Germany, Russia