Pamela is a gifted writer, film critic, programmer, producer and a ‘documentary intuitive.’ Her commitment to independent filmmaking and documentary is palpable in everything she does and her analysis of creative processes and storytelling is most valued and incisive. She has superb taste, and is a highly connected, sought after regular expert for our annual The Edinburgh Pitch. I’m honoured to call her my friend.
— Sonja Henrici, Producer / Co-director Scottish Documentary Institute 

As a programmer, producer, journalist, and all-around force in the documentary community, Pamela has been an inspiration to many. A transplant to Berlin, Pamela has been working hard to make the documentary world a smaller one, both by bringing great American work to audiences there, and scouting great work there for the American market.
–Steve Holmgren, Programmer for UnionDocs / Producer at Steady Orbits

Pamela’s advice is crucial to any documentary project. Her long-standing experience in the field is valid for different aspects, such as storytelling, financing, and team-building. For my different projects, I really profited from consulting with her and can highly recommend her to others, as well. Her directorial début project, Vatër | Atdheu, represents what Pamela stands for, in general: an unconventional, experimental approach to moviemaking that avoids mainstream clichés and narratives about still largely undiscovered places – in this case, Albania and Kosovo.
–Sebastian Saam – Filmmaker, Berlin, Germany

Pamela is totally devoted to the documentary world. She is a first-rate professional and an astute adviser who can analyze a project quickly and give insightful direction, even at a very early stage. She will enlighten your vague ideas and is incredibly generous with providing good contacts. She helps you begin to believe in yourself again.”
–Marianna Kaat, Filmmaker and Producer, Baltic Film Production, Tallinn, Estonia

Pamela Cohn is, simply, one of the best writers on cinema today.
–Josh Oppenheimer, Filmmaker, The Act of Killing, The Look of Silence

Pamela is consistently active and involved in far-ranging roles within the documentary film industry, both inside and outside the Tribeca Film Institute. She is a talented and perceptive filmmaker and writer. Pamela always brings a scrutinizing and incisive perspective to the work she does for Tribeca, as well as in her other freelance capacities. During our yearly process to select documentary projects to provide funding support, she never ceases to impress us with her probing approach in evaluating projects’ thematic and artistic potential. She is expertly cognizant in determining the marketable prospect for projects, but is also a firm believer in risk-taking and letting filmmakers’ artistry truly shine. In short, we have always been able to rely on Pamela to communicate her thoughts on projects in a holistic and direct manner – and her meticulous work ethic has been a comforting trait to have within the Documentary Programming team.
–José Rodriguez, Director of Documentary Programs, Tribeca Film Institute

From all corners of the world, Pamela pulls back the curtains of life, shedding light on the storytelling talents of the most illuminating filmmakers of our time. Her distinct film curations shine a light on people, places and histories unknown or forgotten to help ensure these stories resonate and are heard.
–Rebecca Loyche, Artist, Curator – MMX, Co-Verlag Berlin

Pamela Cohn is one of a handful of essential voices in documentary criticism. Her in-depth, searching and always surprising interviews with filmmakers are treasures, to be discovered, celebrated and shared. She brings a breadth of experience – as a programmer, producer and consultant – along with a warmth and intelligence that makes every conversation with her a pleasure.
–Jesse Moss, Filmmaker, The Overnighters

As a writer for Filmmaker Magazine, Pamela Cohn has brought knowledge, passion and inquisitiveness to her coverage of documentary film and festivals. Most importantly, she’s insistent on the search for new ways of thinking about the way we make and present our films. Pamela is always willing to challenge the conventional assumptions that sometimes constrict our field, which is why I’m always excited by her work.
— Scott Macaulay, Editor-in-Chief, Filmmaker Magazine

Pamela was great to work with. She understood my project and helped shape the final cut into something ready for the festival circuit. She gives great feedback and respected my vision and passion for the film’s subject and its subject matter. She’s thoughtful, motivated and supportive.
–Meshakai Wolf, Filmmaker